Stephen Foster Construction Project


Stephen Foster Construction Project


Tennis Court 2 Wall

Stephen Foster Tennis Construction – April 19, 2021


The project on the Stephen Foster Tennis court reconstruction is moving along well. Contractors demolished the practice wall within the first few days of starting. They have erected a new concrete wall and removed the forms. The next phase will move into the courts and the rest of the project here soon. The project is still slated to finish this summer. Stay tuned for updates!


March/ April: Demolition of the practice wall and rebuilding of the practice wall.

April/May: Reconstruction activities on the athletic courts. Duration: April/May-August.


FOR UPDATES PLEASE VISIT:  For more info email Karen Devor (FCPA – Construction Maintenance Project Mgr.) or Chris Tippins (After-School Specialist, Whitman Middle School)

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Tennis Court Wall April 19