Fairfax County Urban Forestry Division Brings New Trees to Whitman

By Whitman MS Staff
November 22, 2021

On Friday, November 19th, a small tree planting project began at Whitman in partnership with the Fairfax County Government and Mount Vernon District Supervisor Dan Storck. This is the first of a series of tree planting projects that will take place around campus over the next year. The first planting consisted of five Redbud trees planted outside of the front of the building near the library. The planting took place during our advisory period and students helped move and backfill the holes for the trees that were dug out by FCPS the day prior.  Thank you to Hugh Whitehead, Fairfax County Urban Forestry Division, and Will Friedman for their efforts in seeing this project through; to 7th grade science teacher Jessica Fish for her efforts in helping with the location planning; and to all of those teachers, students and staff that came out to help plant the trees, fill the holes, mulch and water.