After School Program (ASP)

Mother's Day Activity

Please Contact Ms. Francine Nelson, After School Specialist for assistance with this program.


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AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES LIST **indicates that activity requires advance registration


Computer Lounge (Café)

Girls Basketball (8th Gr Gym)

Intramural (7th Gr Gym)


Homework Club (Café)

Wildcat Math Academy 7 (F6)

Wildcat Reading/Writing Academy 8 (F12)

Good Eats (F32) Both Sessions

Wildcat Reading/Writing Academy 7 (B17)

Hip Hop Dance (7th Gym) - Both Sessions

Cursive & Handwriting (F39)

Book Club (B18)

Step/Dance **(Café Stage)

Chips & Chapters 7th (F15)

Men of Vision  (F11)

Women of Vision (F17)

Anime/Animation (F38)


Basketball (8th Gr Gym)


Homework Club (Café)

ESL Homework Club (Café)

Wildcat Math 7 (7th Health Room)

Computer Lounge (Café)

Sweet Eats (F32) - Both Sessions

Tennis - Both Sessions


Step Team**(8th Gym) - Both Sessions

Soccer 101


Chess (Café)


Wildcat Reading/Writing Academy 8 (F12)

Homework Club (Café)

Computer Lounge (Café)

Wildcat Math Academy 8 (F6)

Tech Club/Cyber Patriot (D11)

Drama Club**(D12) - Both Sessions

NJHS (8th Gr Health Rm) ** Once a Month during Both Sessions

Chips & Chapters 8th (F15)

College & Career Exploration (G11) - Oct 18, 18 - Both Sessions


K-Pop Club (F49) Every other week

Basketball 101 ( 7 Gym)

Volleyball (8 Gym)


Computer Lounge (Café)

Intramural (8th Gym)



  • Develop an engaged community of students who feel empowered to meet their potential and pursue their interests.


  • Provide diverse programming which allows for academic, social, mental, and physical development of every student.

Late Buses

  • Late bus transportation is provided on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Buses depart Whitman Middle School around 4:45 p.m. 
  • Late bus transportation on Mondays and Fridays with limited stops!

Daily Parent Pick-Up in the Main Office