After School Program (ASP)

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Ms. Francine Nelson

After School Specialist 


21st Century Student Survey

Online Student Survey opened Monday, April 1 and will close  Friday, May 31. Each CCLC student should complete one survey. 

 Dear Parents:Below is a link for a quick survey about the Middle School After-School Program. The survey should take no longer than 5-10 minutes to complete. The survey is an important component of the after-school program evaluation and is critical for future funding. The more responses we receive, the more valuable and reliable the data. The responses not only allow us to assess the impact of the after-school program but they help drive program improvement and program quality.   

Over 95% of our students participated in the after-school program this school year, with over 22,000 occurrences of students staying after-school.  Thank you for your continued support of the Middle School After-School Program!

All Survey Monkey responses are due by the last day of school, June 14.



For students: Survey Window: 6/10/19 – 6/14/19

Communication with students is verbal.  They may take the survey in their PE classes or through the computer labs.  The PE or Tech teachers tell them they are going to take a survey for after-school, when they come into the classroom.  The after-school program specialists ask them to complete the survey and inform them it helps us improve the after-school program.  This survey has been approved by the FCPS Internal Survey Review Committee.


Students can access the survey through the online system using the following link:

Each student will use the following login information:

User ID:  c15fairfax&wwms,s

Password:  student


**Please note the input are case sensitive**



Summer Camp

Camp Twain V.I.P -  All Checks should be made out to Mark Twain Middle School. 

(also including Hayfield SS, Key MS, Sandburg MS and Whitman MS)


Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),


Once again, Fairfax County Public Schools and Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS) will be partnering to offer the VIP Summer Camp! This year the camp will take place July 1- August 1 at Mark Twain Middle, 8 am - 4 pm. Please take a moment to read the camp details below. If you have questions and/or concerns please contact your middle school After-School Program Specialist. If your son/daughter is a rising seventh grader and you have question(s) and/or concern(s), please contact the After-School Program Specialist at the middle school your son/daughter will be attending in the 2019-2020 school year.



Who are the After-School Program Specialist?


Hayfield SS-             Adam Fitzgerald       @email             (703) 924-7609

Key MS-                 Kanishea Spencer       @email                (703) 313-3900

Sandburg MS-             Jamaal Carter          @email              (703) 799-6100

Twain MS-                  Dominic Amato        @email                    (703) 313-3815

Whitman MS-              Francine Nelson                 (703) 660-2432

S. County Teen Ctr. –     William Young       @email     (703) 704-6224



Who is eligible to attend the VIP Camp? Children who are residents of Fairfax County or Fairfax City, and are between 7th grade (entering Fall of 2019) and 8th grade (entering Fall of 2019), are eligible to participate. This program is designed for middle school age youth. Students will be placed on a waitlist once the program meets its 150 student maximum capacity.


VIP Camp Supply Fee: There is a $50 VIP Camp Supply Fee that will be collected from all camp participants. Participants who submit the VIP Camp Registration Form will be notified if they have been accepted into camp or placed on a Wait List. Accepted participants will receive a confirmation letter/email indicating a due date for their VIP Camp Supply Fee along with further camp instructions. Payment will be due on the date listed in the confirmation letter. If payment is not received by that date, participants will forfeit their place in camp and will be replaced by a participant from the Wait List in the order in which they are on the list, pending the payment of the camp fee. Please contact the After-School Program Specialist at your child’s school or the Teen Center Director with payment concerns.


Cash Refund Policy: To request a refund of the Camp Supply Fee that was paid in cash, contact the After-School Program Specialist at the VIP Camp Site prior to the cutoff date of Friday, June 21, 2019. Refund requests submitted after the cutoff date will not be considered. Refunds will be in the form of a check. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.

Field Trips: Any fee associated with a field trip is to be paid in cash and will be collected from students on the day of the field trip. A parent/guardian signed Field Trip Permission Form is required the week before the trip.

Breakfast/Lunch: Students are strongly encouraged to bring enough healthy food to last them throughout the day. Daily snacks will be provided at no cost.

Inclusion: Fairfax County and Fairfax County Public Schools are committed to inclusion. If you have questions, please call your local school After-School Program Specialist.

Transportation: Bus transportation to and from the VIP Summer Camp will be provided for students from select elementary schools and select community locations. Bus stops will be generated after students have been selected for the camp. Busses will drop off students in the morning at 9 am at Mark Twain Middle School. The camp will be open at 8 am daily for parent/guardian drop off only.


Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and Students Expectations...


Students are expected to:

• Sign in and out on the daily attendance form, parent(s)/guardian(s) will be called when a student is released to anyone other than a parent(s)/guardian(s).

• Stay with their assigned group.

• Show respect for others in what you do and say.

• Attend the VIP Camp regularly.

• Be involved in as many activities each day as possible and encourage others as well.

• Listen to the VIP Summer Camp staff and follow directions carefully.

• Maintain self-control at all times.

• Monitor and secure personal belongings. Weapons of any type are not allowed. All electronic devices should be left at home (i.e. iPods, cell phones), the VIP Camp staff is not responsible for the loss of any electronic devices.

• Use equipment and supplies appropriately without destruction.

• Follow all of the rules and regulations that are outline in the FCPS Students Rights and Responsibilities.



Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are expected to:

• Attend the VIP Summer Camp Parent Orientation Session – Tuesday, June 11th at Mark Twain Middle School at 6:30 PM in the cafeteria.

• Support the VIP camp staff and work with them to resolve disciplinary problems, if necessary.

• Discuss with your student and have a well-organized plan as to how he/she will get to and from the camp daily.

• Respect the 8AM start time and the 4PM end time of the camp.

• Make arrangements for their student to be picked up in the event of sickness, inappropriate behavior, or other emergency needs.

Please be mindful...

A student can be removed from the VIP Camp if:

• The child’s actions cause injury to self, peers, or staff.

• The child exhibits inappropriate behaviors which may inhibit participation in activities.

• The child engages in repetitive, aggressive, harmful, or disruptive behavior.

• The child fails to follow the FCPS Students Rights and Responsibilities.

• The child is involved in theft of any kind.

• The child engages in any drug related activity (ATOD).

• The child is involved with the destruction of school property.

• The child does not meet the eligibility criteria for the program.


Parent(s) Guardian(s), if you have read the above details regarding the VIP Summer Camp and you wish to apply for enrollment, please click on this link for the application:


 Please make all checks for the VIP Camp out to Mark Twain Middle School.



Thank you!


VIP Staff





Girls Basketball



Anime/Animation (F38) - B Session

Book Club (B18) - B Session

Chips & Chapters (F15) - B Session

Good Eats (F32) - Both Sessions

Intramurals - B Session

Hip Hop Dance - Both Sessions

Math Academy (F6) - A Session

Reading/Writing Academy (F12) - A Session

Women of Vision (F17)




Chess (Café) - B Session

Homework Club (Café) - Both Sessions

Intramurals-B Session

Poker Club - B Session

Step Team - Both Sessions



Chips & Chapters 8th (F15) B Session

College & Career Exploration (G11) Both Sessions

Drama Club**(D12) - Both Sessions

Homework Club (Café) Both Sessions

Intramurals B Session

K-Pop Club (F49) Every other week

Reading/Writing Academy 8 (F12) A Session

Math Academy 8 (F6) A Session

NJHS (8th Gr Health Rm) ** Once a Month during Both Sessions

Sweet Eats (F32) - Both Sessions



Homework Club (Café)





  • Develop an engaged community of students who feel empowered to meet their potential and pursue their interests.


  • Provide diverse programming which allows for academic, social, mental, and physical development of every student.

Late Buses

  • Late bus transportation is provided on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Buses depart Whitman Middle School around 4:45 p.m. 
  • Late bus transportation on Mondays and Fridays with limited stops!

Daily Parent Pick-Up in the Main Office