Whitman Staff Serve Up Thanks During Lunch

By Whitman MS Staff
November 19, 2023

In the lead up to Thanksgiving, our Whitman Wildcats embraced the spirit of holiday. In a heartwarming and delicious tradition, our dedicated teaching staff served up a scrumptious Thanksgiving lunch to the students, creating a festive atmosphere that fostered community and gratitude.

Our students were not only treated to a delectable Thanksgiving spread but also to the infectious enthusiasm and camaraderie of their teachers. Laughter, friendly banter, and shared moments of gratitude fill the room as the educators serve their students with pride and a genuine sense of joy. 

Ms. Villanueava serves lunch.

“I love anything that helps me to interact with our students in a fun way. The student’s faces when they see us serving lunch is the best. I also love helping out our amazing cafeteria staff because they work so hard every day!!” - Ms. Villanueva, Assistant Principal  

Ms. Richer in her Thanksgiving best.

“Serving Thanksgiving lunch is one of my favorite things about being a staff member at Whitman Middle School! My heart is warmed when the smiling students see us for the first time and shout our names as if we are celebrities. Also, serving lunch is a wonderful reminder of the tireless work our cafeteria staff does to keep our students healthy and happy. I am incredibly THANKFUL for them!” - Ms. Richter, Advanced Academics Resource Teacher 

Mr. Kalso and Ms. Mayerswalker are looking great.

“I helped with the Thanksgiving luncheon because I am thankful and grateful for ALL of the Whitman Community.  Outside of teaching I enjoy cooking and getting to serve and support our lunches was something I needed to do.  Additionally, Thanksgiving Lunch is the best lunch day all year!” - Mr. Kalso, Health & PE Teacher 

Ms. Brown serving smiles.

“I decided to participate in the lunch service because it’s always nice to give back to the kids. They were so excited to see me and it made me light up. I also wanted to help the lunch staff. They work so hard everyday to feed these kids and I feel like they’re not recognized enough! I wanted to spend some time in their shoes.” - Ms. Brown, English Teacher 

Mr. Elkins wears his serving gear.

“I am thankful for the students at Whitman Middle School and wanted to be part of the Thanksgiving lunch process.  Bring back the cranberry sauce!” - Mr. Elkins, Civics Teacher 

Ms. Piccolo is ready for the students.

“In serving Thanksgiving lunch to the students, I enjoyed seeing the surprise on their faces, then the smiles as they saw teachers in the light of serving them a special meal.” - Ms. Piccolo, English Teacher

Additionally, Instructional Coach Sara Holland added, "Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! I offered to help serve because I wanted to be helpful to the kitchen staff and connect with our students. I loved watching eyes light up when they saw the mashed potatoes and gravy!"  Even our newest Wildcat, ESOL Teacher Mr. Frankel, joined in the fun; “I wanted to give back and show my gratitude to the students, so I joined the Thanksgiving lunch and had fun helping out our excellent kitchen staff!”

As the bellies of our students filled with hearty Thanksgiving fare, so too did their hearts with appreciation for the incredible teachers who go above and beyond to make their middle school experience truly special. This tradition not only satisfies hunger but also nourishes the bonds that make Whitman Middle School a place where everyone feels at home.